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About Jenny Kozlow

Certified as a Trainer for The International Childbirth Education Association, Jenny Kozlow has dedicated her professional life to preparing more than 6000 couples for childbirth and family life, as well as educating millions of families during their maternal year about their rights, their ability to make good decisions and their innate knowing of how to give birth and nurture their children with confidence.

Her mission is to facilitate the training of healthcare providers in the field of perinatal education and to evaluate and improve upon the programs that exist worldwide in institutions that greatly depend on a revamping of their methods in order to regain their effectiveness.

As the world of obstetrical care advances, it also needs to renew and update its educational programs so their patients have the skills they need to ask for the care they deserve. Jenny Kozlow helps these institutions create clearer objectives based on the philosophy they stand behind with the implementation of new teaching strategies proven to create empowered and satisfied new families. She has given training workshops to hundreds of nurses and midwives, as well as to general hospital staff about effective and respectful communication skills when talking about the maternal year.

Innovative teaching methods make her work not only purposeful but transformative as she models and facilitates new ways of communicating to couples about the many changes they will experience during this year of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and early parenting.

She is also an ICEA International Teaching Partner , a Certified Perinatal Fitness Educator and a Certified doula ( Dona International).

Editor of Padres de Hoy Magazine since 1991, Director of The Previda Foundation, Author of Nuestro Camino Juntos, Producer of the video Momentos que nos Definen, President of the Alianza Para el Mejoramiento de Servicios Maternos between 1995-2010 ( Costa Rica), Consultant for the C.C.S.S. Department of Maternal Services and contributor of their 2009 Guidelines for Intrapartum Care, International Conference Speaker and Promoter of The Previda Method of Childbirth Preparation.

Explore our

services and courses

Childbirth Preparation Courses

Our courses include opportunities for decisión making. As parents, decisión making is one of your biggest responsabilities. The participants choose which of the topics they most want to learn about during their 14 hour course.

Childbirth Educator Workshops

Individuals attracted to the birth world, with vocation for teaching, Nurses, Doctors, Doulas, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Prenatal Yoga Instructors, Teachers and women who identify with this field.

Birth Planner Consultant

Just like a wedding planner, a Birth Planner is a fundamental service to know what questions to ask, what professionals are compatible and what resources are needed to understand the complexities of the decisions you need to make about your birth and baby. First time moms often have no criteria with which to base their educational needs on and a good consultant who specializes in practical advice can make all the difference between a regular birth experience and an amazing birth experience. Second time moms are willing to fight for a better birth and know exactly what they want but not always who they can turn to to increase their chances of getting it. This service consists of two sessions, first a lengthy interview and second a detailed document with recommendations

Private Sessions

Private sessions are available in person or on skype in english or spanish at flexible times of the day that are convenient for your personal schedule about any number of topics in preparation for childbirth and parenting

Conference Speaker

JK is available to speak on a number of topics at workshops and conferences worldwide about topics dear to her heart such as innovative teaching strategies for effective empowerment through prenatal education, how to connect with your baby during your prenatal course, ways to unite the couple and prevent discord during that first year postpartum, posturing for pregnancy via integrative movements for childbirth preparation, breathing and childbearing, etc.